Writing bug reports

Bug report example

Can't change passwords

When I'm logged into as a User, the "change email" form returns an error. Using Firefox on OSX. See oursite.com/users/23/edit.


A good bug report has a short title, a one-sentence short description, relevant details, and screenshots. Make sure these details are listed down, or are obvious enough:

  • URL (if applicable)
  • Environment (OS, browser, website environment)
  • Screenshot
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected result
  • Actual result

Writing titles

Keep the title short. Put any details in the body, not in the title. This makes it easier to digest a long list of issues.

  • "When I try to change passwords, an error is raised." ...can be shorter
  • "Can't change passwords" OK!

Try to be specific. Titles that are too broad are not helpful.

  • "Products error" ...too broad
  • "Can't buy products" ...still too broad
  • "Product page error" ...still too broad
  • "Product page: the buy button isn't clickable" OK!

Full example

This example also includes steps, actual result, and expected result details. While some reports don't need all these details, it's a good idea to include them anyway.

Bug report example

Can't send email

The "send email" button isn't clickable. Using Firefox/OSX on Production. See oursite.com/user/23/edit.



  1. Log in as a user
  2. Go to the Inbox page
  3. Click "write new email"
  4. Click "send"

Expected: The email will be sent.
Actual: A JavaScript error appears when "send" is clicked.

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