Is your project following the guidelines in this book? Use this checklist to find out.

Technical practices

Use a branch-based Git workflow. Automate as much as possible using a CI service. See Git workflow, Automation, and Coding practices.

Git workflow

  • Maintain develop and master branches
  • Use pull requests for peer reviewing
  • Never commit directly to develop or master
  • Avoid self-merging
  • Use hotfix branches for emergency fixes


  • Use a CI to automate running tests
  • Set up a staging environment
  • Automate deployments to staging and production
  • Keep track of code coverage

Coding practices

  • Write tests
  • Prioritize tests: unit → smoke → integration tests
  • Maintain a README file
  • Set up code linting

Project lifecycle

Work in an iterative cycle of sprints and milestones. See Project lifecycle.


  • Work in 2-week sprints
  • Start sprints on a Wednesday
  • Start with a sprint planning meeting
  • Designate days for QA testing

Release etiquette

  • Schedule releases at the end of a sprint
  • Use version numbers for sprints and releases (eg, v0.4.0)
  • Write release notes


  • Plan the project before it starts
  • Start with sprint zero


Use Slack and a Project tracker.

  • Use Slack for communication
  • Track progress with a project tracker

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