Sprint planning

A sprint begins with a sprint plan, or a simple list of features that the team will focus on. Here's an example sprint plan:

Sprint plan example

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Sprint planning meeting

A sprint starts with an all-hands meeting with the entire development team and the stakeholders. The mission is to build a sprint plan like the one above. A meeting will have these parts:

  • Retrospect
    Look back on the previous sprint. Did we accomplish everything? What didn't we finish, and what can we do about it? What can we learn from our progress in this sprint?

  • Feature planning
    Discuss what are the most important features, and decide on what the team will work on. Figure out how much you can accomplish based on the team's velocity from previous sprints. Assign each feature to a team member.

Tracking progress

Each item in the sprint plan should have one or more corresponding tickets in your project tracker (Trello, JIRA, or whichever you choose). The progress for each item will be tracked there.

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