Project planning

Before a project begins, set aside 2-4 weeks to agree on the following points:

  • Ground rules - the development team and the stakeholders should agree on processes.
  • Product design - what exactly are we building, and what features should it have.
  • Visual design - how does the user interface look like.

These discussions are often between the development team's management and the stakeholders. Key talents should also be involved if they're available (product designers and UI/UX designers).

Ground rules

It's the development team's duty to educate the stakeholders on their workflow and how they fit into it. Decide on the following matters, and make sure that everyone's well-informed:

  • Sprint lengths and schedules
  • What meetings are scheduled in each sprint

Product design

What exactly are we building, and what features does it have. <!-- TODO -->

Next: Let's start with the first sprint.

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