This book is about processes and workflows in building web and mobile applications. It's a perfect fit for small-to-medium startup teams and consultancies. You'll learn:

  • Setting up a team-oriented web development workflow using Git, CI, and other tools
  • Managing a project timeline using milestones and sprints
  • How to manage a team of developers

This book is an introduction to many established techniques and practices. It doesn't talk about these ideas in full, but just enough to introduce you to them. As such, you won't find:

  • Technical details of how to use Git or how to code JavaScript
  • The different nuances of Scrum or test-driven development

Standard practices

There are no new ideas on this book. Many the points described here are standard practices in teams across the world. All this book does is compile these practices into one book.

Born from real experience

This handbook is a culmination of lessons we've learned in working as a team in building modern web applications. It documents our practices in Proudcloud and Mashupgarage, web development consultancy companies that I'm involved with. Our practices evolved organically from the Agile software development ideas we're rooted in.

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