The branch-based Git workflow helps your team collaborate seamlessly. By making sure that every change is reviewed, you get a useful trail of changes in the form of pull requests and merge commits.

  • Everything you do has to be reviewed by someone else.
  • It should be easy to review other people's work.
  • All work happens in feature branches and have pull requests.
  • Nobody should ever commit directly into develop or master.
  • Set up a staging system to test the latest version.

The main branches

  • develop is always ready for developers and testers.
  • master is always ready for users.

Making changes

  • Create a feature branch.
  • Send a pull request for this feature branch into develop.
  • Your team will need to review and merge this pull request.

Releasing versions

  • Merge develop into master.
  • Create a GitHub release.

Deploying emergency hotfixes

  • Create a branch from master.
  • Send a pull request for this branch into master.
  • Merge master back to develop if necessary.

Staging system

  • Create a staging system that looks like your production system.
  • Set up CI to auto-deploy to staging whenever tests pass.

See also

This git workflow is based on git-flow.

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