Feature branches

To start working on anything, you first create a feature branch. These branches can either be a feature, a fix, or a chore.

# Start from the main branch, `develop`
git checkout develop

# Create your branch locally
git branch feature/improve_rating_system

# Work, work...
git commit -m "Show stars for user ratings"
git commit -m "Allow users to click on stars"

# Push your branch as often as possible
git push --set-upstream origin feature/improve_rating_system

All work start as a feature branch. Nobody should directly push commits to the main branches (master and develop). Working this way brings us a lot of benefits:

  • Your work can easily be reviewed later through pull requests.
  • It can be reverted later on as one branch, if need be.

Next: Once you're done with your work, create a pull request.

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